About us

A Company Founded on Innovation.

At Textum we thrive on developing innovative fabric and multi-dimensional preform solutions for our customers which help to advance their programs and push their technologies to the next level. We have a unique expertise in developing textile solutions for extreme environments. Whether it’s thermal protection systems for space vehicles, preforms for CMC components or preforms and fabrics used in carbon-carbon processing, we have the experience and expertise to help ensure our customer’s success.

The industries we serve include aerospace, space, defense, energy and infrastructure. Our customers process our products via carbon-carbon, CVD, CVI, and various phenolic and epoxy resin systems. We are extremely familiar with all these processes and systems and thus able to provide our customers with precise textile solutions which meet or exceed their exacting needs.

We focus on developing and manufacturing products that are exclusively unique and typically have a high barrier to entry and/or are protected by patent or exclusive license, have innovative and/or novel process requirements and create exclusive relationships with our suppliers and customers. This helps to protect our customer’s intellectual properties and ensure protection of their proprietary programs.

Textum is small enough to be flexible and agile yet large enough to bring years of experience and knowledge to any program, making us highly capable yet easy to do business with.