About us

A Company Founded on Innovation.

In today’s global textile market, few companies have been able to remain true to their founding vision, while adapting to the changing needs of their customers. Textum stands out as one remarkable exception.

Established in 1996 by industry veteran Elick Feinberg, Textum’s founding vision was to deliver on the promise of solving a delicate value proposition equation for the manufacture of technical scrim fabrics. The challenge was to meet exacting quality standards, exceed technical specifications, and doing so within strict monetary parameters, while delivering on time. This market-facing, problem-solving approach set the foundation for a solutions-centered business model – one that still defines the company today.

From these rewarding origins, Textum became a premier manufacturer of engineered and technical fabrics constructed from carbon, aramid, metal, glass, polymer and ceramic fibers. Today, while staying steadfast to its founding principles and committed to its legacy product lines, Textum’s core competency has emerged to become a foremost manufacturer of carbon fabrics in addition to our ever developing specialty product lines. With its superior capabilities and patented technologies, Textum welcomes the opportunity to become your solutions manufacturer for advanced fabrics,  in various forms such as 2D, UD, 3-D preforms, tubular fabrics, narrow fabricshelical or circular fabrics and hybrid combinations.