Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions of this Sales Agreement, along with attachments hereto (“Agreement”) shall apply to TEXTUM’s non-exclusive sale of product previously described to TEXTUM in writing (“Product”) to BUYER. All purchases from TEXTUM by BUYER are expressly limited to and conditioned upon the terms and conditions of this Agreement, regardless of the means or media of BUYER’s purchases of Product, including, without limitation, written purchase orders, electronic orders, or other writings from BUYER to TEXTUM (collectively, “Purchase Orders”). Any additional or conflicting terms and conditions contained on, attached to or referenced by any Purchase Orders, or other prior or later communication between BUYER and TEXTUM, are expressly rejected by TEXTUM and shall have no effect on the purchase of any such Product unless such provisions are expressly agreed to by TEXTUM in writing. BUYER’s submission of a Purchase Order shall in all cases constitute BUYER’s unqualified and unconditional acceptance of this Agreement. Any Purchase Order received by TEXTUM shall be the legally binding purchase obligation of BUYER. In the event TEXTUM fails to supply BUYER the Product to which a Purchase Order issued by BUYER relates in accordance with the terms hereof and thereof, BUYER’s exclusive remedies shall be to be free to purchase replacement Product for the Purchase Order from a third party. Click here to read more.